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Panda Shower Curtain: Panda and Friends

Panda Shower Curtain: Panda and Friends-Panda Wonders

Panda Shower Curtain: Panda and Friends

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Panda & Friends Shower Curtain

Isolated Relaxation and Privacy

Do you – or someone else in your life – happen to love both panda, and hot showers?

If so, then our Panda Shower Curtain is the perfect gift for them (for you!).

With this upbeat shower curtain, you can bring style and personality into your bathroom while enjoying isolated relaxation and privacy.

Inspired by the animal utopia, our Panda and Friends Shower Curtain won’t just create a upbeat vibe to your bathroom, but also won’t waterlog your budget at all.

  • An animal utopia where Panda and his friends just hang out and chill brings a cheerful atmosphere to your bathroom
  • Draw the curtain for instant isolated relaxation and privacy
  • Perfect solution for shared bathrooms in busy mornings
  • The shower curtain is made of 100% polyester meaning that it protects your bathroom from soapy splashes of your soothing hot shower
  • Not available in brick-and-mortar stores, only sold online here at Panda Wonders


  • Height: 74 inches (1.88 m)
  • Width: 71 inches (1.80 m)

Why our Panda Shower Curtain?

Shower curtains are an essential element to any bathroom with a hot tub or shower stall.

A great shower curtain needs to add a design element to your bathroom on one side, and keep water from splashing out of the shower on the other side.

And that’s where our Panda Shower Curtain comes in – it updates the look of your décor and in the meantime is extremely reliable for repelling moisture and it keeps water off your bathroom tile.

All in all, this is your ideal shower curtain – both functional and attractive.

We offer a range of unique designs (see Our Shower Curtains Collection below for more information).

It is a superb gift

Looking for a fun gift to give a panda lover (whether that’s a loved one, or yourself)?

Then our Panda Shower Curtain is the special present you’re looking for.

They will absolutely love it.

They say: “Love me, love my dog.”

But the truth is: “Love panda, love his friends!”

Meet panda’s new lovely friends and invite them over for a refreshing shower or bath. This is going to be the most exciting bath you’ll ever take.

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