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Panda Pen

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Panda Pen

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Introducing Our Super Cute Panda Pen

Lighten Your Mood and Make Your Day!

Do you – or someone else in your life – love panda, but find paperwork extremely boring?

If so, then our super cute bear stationery is the perfect gift for them (and for you obviously!).

The panda itself is incredibly cute, or kawaii, and just sits on top of the pen.

Bring this pen to work or to school, and your colleagues and friends will be amazed (because we are sure that they have never seen anything like this before!).

  • Incredibly cute. The reactions you’ll get from co-workers and friends are priceless
  • Its head bobs around makes it even cuter.
  • The best part? It writes like a normal pen – it’s perfectly functional as a pen.

A Gift for a Panda Lover

Looking for a fun gift to give a panda lover (whether that’s a loved one, or yourself)?

Then our panda pen is the exact present you’ve been looking for.

This is a unique present that anyone will be sure to love – you can’t find this pen anywhere at your local mall.

Why buy our pen?

Don’t you use hate it, when you use your boring pens to write down boring things in the office or at your home?

Imagine how light-hearted it would have been…when you write with a super cute pen.

Solution? The panda magic pen! This pen lightens your mood when its head bobs around amidst of all those boring paperwork.

Just look at that phat panda!

This is the perfect fun, novelty gift for you and your friends who are bored during work!

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