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Silver necklace

Panda Necklace

Nothing accentuates the neckline like our necklace does.

At Panda Wonders, our stunning silver necklace design is just perfect for you! They are not just some simple black and white pendants - they are all made of premium 0.925 sterling silver! At Panda Wonders, we’ve designed a pendant that is just perfect for you! They are all made with premium sterling silver. Choose the one that represents your personality – it’s time to make the jewelry you or your loved one wear trendy and elegant. If you love simple and minimalistic design, be sure to take a look at our Engraved Baby Panda Necklace. If you want something classier, we are sure that you’ll love our Engraved Giant Panda Necklace, what’s even better is we can coat your necklace with 18k rose gold or 24k gold!

Turn your leisure and casual wear into something that truly matters – take a look at our silver panda pendant below!

Trendy and timeless, our pendant necklaces are the most beautiful but yet affordable. Meticulously engraved and magnificently designed, our panda necklace is a stunning piece you’ll truly love and cherish for years to come.

Browse for our exquisitely crafted sterling silver pendants now – they are just both brilliant when layered together or just worn solo.


Why wear our silver necklace?

Wear Your Black and White Spiritual Animal! 

You now have a chance to wear your spiritual animal while going through your daily routine. And of course that animal is our most beloved black and white panda! Show your love to this adorable creature by getting one of these necklaces. And we'll donate some of our profit to save the pandas - let's do it together.

It’s made of premium .925 sterling silver

Since the beginning of civilisation, silver has long become the most sought-after materials for jewlery and necklace. Its shimmering splendor along with its versatility are what makes it so popular in the old days. In modern society, it adds timeless style and unparallel sophistication to any wardrobe. Our necklace is made of .925 sterling silver, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting yourself some low quality silver that doesn’t really shine. What about our necklaces? Shine on.


You can coat it with an even more expensive and elegant metal

What makes our pendant necklace special is that we coat it with a more expensive and elegant metal. Coat it with 18K rose gold, 24K gold, or even white rhodium – it’s your choice. What is more elegant than silver? Of course it’s gold! 18K rose gold is most favored by stylish young lady and women alike, while 24K gold is the classy choice for all men and women.

Don’t like gold? Not to worry, we can always coat the necklace with white rhodium for you!


Suitable for everyday wear

Why our customers love our pendant necklace the most? It’s because of its durability – the necklace itself can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Strong and resistant to tarnish, you can wear it in everyday situations – casually or formally. Dress to impress with this one chain necklace!


Extremely easy care

Caring for our sterling silver necklaces can’t be any easier – just keep it dry and clean when you’re not wearing it. Apply lotions or hand moisturizer to the metal whenever you can before wearing the necklace. If there happens to be some dust or dirt adhered on the surface of the panda pendant, run it through warm water and rub it lightly with a wet cloth. Finally, remove the moisture with a dry cloth.

But what happens if you’re not wearing it often? Just store it inside the jewelry box. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, have we mentioned that we’ll give you a FREE leatherette box when you order any chain necklace from us? Yes, we do sent you one leatherette for FREE (first 100 orders only).

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